Our Mission

To protect farm Animals from cruelty caused in Livestock industry, To save mother Earth dying from Global warming and to prevent and reverse degenerative diseases including Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and etc.

Our Story

Our founder Mr. Sunny Gurnani's went Vegan for ethical reasons after being Vegan his Total Blood Cholesterol dropped from 176 to 99 which made him Heart Attack Proof. After reading the reports of United Nations and World Watch Institute he realized the importance of Vegan diet for solving Global Warming.

India has the highest cattle population in the world and India is also the worlds largest Beef Exporter, Heart Disease and Diabetes and the Top killers among Indians and India is also severely affected by Global Warming since Glaciers on Himalayas which provide most of the water to are melting even faster than the Arctic poles.

Sunny Gurnani's father Late Shri Rameshkumar Gurnani had died from a Heart Attack at age of 56 so to prevent any further deaths from Heart Disease in his family Sunny, reduce Animal Cruelty and Stop Global Warming he started a small scale plant to manufacture Non Dairy Products but soon his idea became to get attraction and he had to increase his capacity. 

Sunny's goal is to provide Delicious and Nutritious Plant Based Alternatives to Indian society with lower price tag then if made from Animal Sources.

Our Benefits

100% Vegan

Most alternative company mix Skim Milk Powders, Casein and Animal Fats into there products but we make all our products from 100% Vegan Ingredients. Our processing facility is also 100% Vegan so it is also allergen friendly

Nutrition Expertise

We are experts in Human Nutrition we have a team of people qualified in different areas, We have also helped people reverse Diabetes, Heart Disease and loose weight. Our Founder Mr. Sunny is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, USA.

Certified Organic

Current agriculture uses dangerous techniques including Genetically Modification of seeds, spraying poisonous Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides. Using Go Vegan! products you are rest assured that you are eating Organic NON GMO Products.

Product Range

We have a wide range of products including Soymilk, Tofu, Non Dairy Frozen Deserts and many Non Dairy Cultured Products. We also provide Vegan catering services.