Visit of World Veg Festival at San Francisco

I visited World Veg Festival at San Francisco with my wife Vanita and our son Mohit, my friend Rajiv and his family also joined us . It was really a great fun to see a vibrant Vegan community. I met with lots of people.

Sunny with a senior Vegan


First I met with this beautiful lady who turned Vegan, when I asked her more about her she told me that She was in hospital and had several strokes before and her son asked her to Go Vegan! she did and it took her out of Hospital, her Cholesterol is better, blood pressure is better and she is walking and running now. She came from 200 miles away just to visit this Festival. It was really a great pleasure talking with her. She also wears the Vegan T-Shirt.

Vegan Senior

Then I saw another senior who was on wheel chair and was wearing Go Vegan! T-Shirt again. It really bring me a thrill that not only young generation many of the old age people have turned Vegan for health reason. And they have done extra effort to come all the way to this World Veg Festival.

Dr Michael Greger with Sunny Gurnani

Go Vegan little Founder Mohit with Dr Michael Greger Mohit running across the hallThen we met Dr. Michael Greger, MD who runs he gave a speechless presentation showing latest research on how Plant Based Diet prevents and even reverses Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and many other diseases of the current society. Here is his presentation

I must say he is such a great personality he has no ego, even when thousands of people were sitting in a quiet room, my Son Mohit who is almost 2 now would go up again and again on the stage and be little interrupting in his presentation. But Dr. Michael always loved and welcomed him.

Go Vegan Founder Sunny & Vanita with Kristina

 Finally we met with Kristina who is a Raw Vegan she runs very prominent and It was really lovely meeting her in personal. Overall everyone in the festival showed brotherhood, everyone showed there is more than just health about Veganism, truly is a very friendly community I am proud to be Vegan

Sunny and Vanita Biking at Golden Gate Bridge

We brought our bikes (bi-cycles) so we went to bike on Golden Gate Bridge and later had dinner at our favorite restaurant Herbivore in San Francisco

We really had great time.


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Sunny Gurnani is a certified in plant-based nutrition from eCornell University USA. He has given various seminars about health and How to be "Heart Attack Proof" in India. He is founder of Go Vegan! foods which makes certified organic Soy Products.

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